How to feel




Single channel high definition digital video, colour, sound
108 minutes, 39 seconds

Cast: Elizabeth Nabben, Nicole Nabout, Stephen Phillips, John Shrimpton, Yesse Spence, Miles Szanto
Videography: Katie Milwright
Choreography: Stephanie Lake
Sound design and composition: J. David Franzke
Costume design: Sean Meilak
Dramaturg: Margaret Cameron
Editor: Paul Damien Williams
Producer/Project Manager: Emily Lochowicz
Sound recording: John Wilkinson
Continuity: Daryl Watson
Sound dialogue editor: Michael Carden
1st camera assistants: Emily Jade Barr, Sky Davies, Jesse Minter, Geoff Skilbeck
2nd camera assistants: Emily Jade Barr, Lucy McCallum, Dan Mitton
Grips: David Cross, Rob Hansford, Arthur Manousakis
Gaffers: Chris Dewhurst, Rob Dewhurst
Colourist: Dee McClelland
Camera equipment: Inspiration Studios
People in cafe scene: Caroline Anderson, Joanna Anderson, Melany Masel, Matt Ward, Kathrin Wheib, Emily Wong
Locations: Y3K, Julio cafe
Development and rehearsal spaces: Arts House – Meat Market, Dancehouse
Commissioned by the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne

Supported by Arts House, developed in the CultureLAB with the assistance of Arts Victoria