Nothing like this




Single channel 16mm film transferred to digital video, colour, sound

24 minutes, 36 seconds

Cast: Brad David, Sarah Factor, Saxon Jorgensen, Jacinta Schreuder, August Skipper, Andie Tham (additional voiceover David Tredinnick)

Cinematography: Katie Milwright

Project manager: Sarah Tutton

Sound design and composition: J. David Franzke

Editor: Viveka de Costa

1st camera assistant: Esther Faradi

Steadicam operator: Harry Panagiotidis

Set design: Megan Norgate

Grips: Jamie Leckie, Peter Macdonnell

Colourist: Adrian Hauser

Costume design, hair and makeup: Nadja Mott

Clothes and accessories supplied by: Alpha60, Alexi Freeman, Nudie Store, Obüs, Order and Progress, TV