Think of yourself as plural




Single channel high definition digital video, colour, sound

29 minutes, 27 seconds

Cast: Deanne Butterworth, Brad David, Kyle Kremerskothen, Edwina Wren, Charmene Yap

Videography: Katie Milwright

Choreography: Lucy Guerin

Sound design and composition: J. David Franzke

Dramaturg: Margaret Cameron

Editor: Paul Damien Williams

Production manager: Natasha Pincus

Assistant production manager: Sacha Giuretto

Production assistants: Serena Ryan, Simone Secor

Sound recordist: Ric Creaser

Additional dialogue recording: Soundfirm

Additional dialogue recording post sync supervisor: Byron J. Scullin

Sound mastering technical assistance: James Wilkinson

Set design: Megan Norgate

1st camera assistants: Warwick Field, Andrew Jerram, Ari Wegner

2nd camera assistant: Simon Walsh

Grip/gaffer: Richard Turton

Assistant grip/gaffers: Brett Campbell, Andy Edwards, Adrian Goodman

Colourist and compositor: Daniel Stonehouse, XYZ studios

Wardrobe, makeup and hair: Nadja Mott for Pluscreate

Wardrobe, makeup and hair Assistant: Rowan Dinning for Pluscreate

Data wrangler and camera supplier: Pete Wells at Inspiration Studios

Musicians: Geoff Hales, Percussion; Martin Lubran, Guitar; Tommy Spender, Saxophone

Charmene Yap’s haircut: Sweet Caroline

Clothing supplied by: Alexi Freeman, Materialbyproduct, Nom D, Obüs, Order and Progress

Plants supplied by: Daniel Crooks, Matthew Dux, Miri Ranson

Chair supplied by: Anibou

Car supplied by: Matthew Herbert

Locations: Cavallero, Panama Dining Room, Peter Rosetzky Studio, Max Watts Industria


This project was generously supported by:

Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Victoria, Lucy Guerin Inc